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Getting Started
A pretty website is not enough—
A good website needs to tell your story... clearly... to all the right people
ELOQUENCY doesn't leave your website to chance.  Our proven methodology guarantees effective
results.  Every time.
The process begins.  ELOQUENCY spends several hours identifying and understanding the needs of your organization and stakeholders.
ELOQUENCY generates a marketing blueprint to implement an interactive marketing program:
  • Outline your organization's marketing strategy
  • Recommend tactics to implement the strategy
  • Apply the tactics to website design guidelines
  • Identify expected results from tactical implementations
ELOQUENCY designers will layout a website consistent with the approved marketing blueprint. This design will consist of the following:
  • Functional Requirements
  • Graphical Appearance
  • Site Layout — How documents are organized
  • Navigation and Usability
The requirements for website content will be described in the marketing blueprint. ELOQUENCY will help prepare this content.
ELOQUENCY will build your website on our Contessa platform. Contessa builds websites from modular components to make the website easy to maintain indefinitely.
On launch date, ELOQUENCY will initiate a mass email to announce your new website. Search engine optimizers will be added to the website using keywords and guidelines established in the marketing blueprint.
ELOQUENCY will provide training and support, as necessary, to allow you to make regular updates to your website.
ELOQUENCY staff is available to meet with your organization on a monthly basis to measure compliance with the marketing blueprint.  Tactical campaigns will also be run on an ongoing basis.
As your business grows, your interactive marketing needs will continue to change.  ELOQUENCY's service will maintain your high quality presence and effective results.
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