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Prices & Services
Learn about ELOQUENCY's innovative pricing structure that provides accountability for our work!
ELOQUENCY charges a flat monthly rate for our services.  This monthly rate covers the following services:
This pricing structure provides an ideal low-risk opportunity to take your Internet marketing efforts to the next level.
Existing websites can be hosted using our Contessa website builder server. Contessa hosting starts at just $25 monthly!
Based on our strategic consulting and marketing blueprint, ELOQUENCY provides additional services at very economical rates:
Application Development
Our Contessa server is an excellent platform for web based application development.
With so many years of experience, ELOQUENCY can provide high quality economical solutions for:
  • E-Commerce
  • Electronic Catalogs
  • Web based directories
  • Integrated Contact Managers
  • And so much more...
ELOQUENCY's technical staff has over 25 years of application development experience!  We can get you started from Business Case Assessment through functional design all the way to developing and executing a test plan and ongoing QA.
Direct Email
ELOQUENCY can promote your website by emailing content to customers and contacts.  We can also expand your market by using demographically precise email lists.
Search Engine Placements
Search engine rankings reflect the overall success of any business's marketing.  There is no magic technology that will ensure high rankings.  However, Eloquency can improve rankings by using the following tactics:
  • Best practices, including content relevancy and web crawler accessibility
  • Ranking reporting
  • CPM (paid) rankings
  • Directory listings
  • Banner Affiliate Programs
Microsites increase the breadth of rankings by promoting optimization for additional search terms.  This tactic is accomplished by registering multiple domain names and assigning them to separate portals of your website.  Each portal has separate content optimized for different search criteria.  These portals are called microsites.  ELOQUENCY's Contessa web technology creates inexpensive microsites that are easy to maintain.
Online Advertising
In addition to search engines, there are numerous tactics for promoting your business via your website:
Directory listings are essentially mini search engines that focus on specific industries or geographic areas.  A common example is a directory listing such as those run by local Chambers of Commerce.
Sometimes cooperating websites cross-promote each other. This tactic, called link sharing, has the lowest cost and effectiveness. Often these transactions are coordinated by third parties, called Banner Affiliate Programs.  However, with a little effort, these arrangements can be organized independently.
Otherwise, banner advertising is nearly identical to traditional advertising: Typically a banner will be placed in an online newspaper or specialty website.  ELOQUENCY can help ensure that these leads result in a closed sale.
There are innumerable options for promoting your website through these types of promotions.  ELOQUENCY can help establish which are most effective for your Internet strategy and negotiate reasonable pricing.
Traditional Advertising
Eloquency has many capabilities in traditional advertising, including:
  • Branding
  • Print Advertising
  • Audio & Video Production
  • Direct Mail
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