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Already Have a Website?
A lot of factors determine what makes a successful website. One of the most important is your expectations.  Businesses with websites generally fall into one of the following four categories:
Visionaries are very small group: These organizations didn't just get it, they got it right.  Their success is partly based on chance events, and cannot be easily replicated.  Some of these businesses are now household names: Google, Amazon, and Ebay. Visionaries click here.
Early Adopters
Early Adopters and visionaries start with the same approach.  But uncertain outcomes do not guarantee immediate success.  Early Adopters have had to respond to more modest returns on their investments.
Early Adopters click here.
You're probably in the mainstream.  Since most organizations cannot afford the risks undertaken by the Visionaries and Early Adopters, these pragmatists are more cautious in their Internet intiatives.
Are you in the mainstream?  Click here.
Although skeptics are reluctant to change, they help stabilize the disruptions introduced by new technologies.  Skeptics are more likely to invest based on a perceived threat instead of perceived benefits.
Many skeptics were once Early Adopters. Skeptics click here.
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